These are some of my videos I put together over time: I have created many videos from Images for people for graduations, events or funerals. 

I created this for Jesse Howard from Images that were photographed during a Uganda, Africa trip. I added a black border to make the photos stick out more and keep them in beat with the music then used a simple fade between photos.  I picked Images of the children that were looking at the camera so the video would capture their emotion. I want to thank Jesse for giving me that opportunity. Visit his site for more information here.

This video is from a set of Images Richard took while watching the Trinity Lutheran Church being moved. There was very few Images so I did a few fades and zooms to give it the feeling of motion. Thanks again to Richard for providing the photos.

This video is somewhat unfinished. It is a series of photos from a long walk I used to take. I used slow zooms, lens tricks and focus to give it a dreamy like feeling. The music is Irglove and Glen hansard – “If You Want Me” soundtrack from the movie “ONCE”

The following 3 videos I’ll call an experiment in programming and photography. I wanted to do time-lapse photography but had no software or device to do it. I created software that could capture from any input device.

– 1st video is choppy and was a simple capture. YES there are a couple flies flying around so DO NOT swat the monitor.  Music playing is Loreena Mckennitt – The Mystic’s Dream. YouTube video can be found here:

– 2nd video second night. I updated the software to add a blend frame between frames. That really smoothed it out a lot.

– 3rd and mostly last one I did is almost a year later. I updated the software so it could be started and stopped without me being there and refined it a bit more. This is an afternoon snow storm. YES the window is dirty, I did clean it before hand and only noticed it later. I think a kid dropped their glass of something sticky near the camera. The music is Popcorn by Gershon Kingsley and played by Danish instrumental band Hot Butter.

Check back, more videos will be added.

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