“I am a Programmer(loosely translated)” I tell myself in the mirror trying not to laugh.

CODE is not a second language to me, it’s more like a rough conversation in a foreign country where I know just enough of the local language to get myself thrown in jail. I programmed when DOS was king, LINUX was geek, C was my choice and BASIC was a cool second. One day I found VB and got stuck with it. Someday I’ll find C#.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, that’s ok, neither do I.

All of that said, all these programs are FREE for use(provided you can find one). Having read the first few lines and understand that there is no warranty, support is almost none existent and if it blows up your computer; that is YOUR PROBLEM. You have been warned.


Soon to exist: actual links to actual programs:

Easily Molded Into Anything