Blogging this year

This year I have decided that I’m going to make an effort to blog something at least once a week or more if I can find enough to make a blog. This will include more on my twitter.

Time for an update to the site while I’m at it. soon I’ll be adding videos and my programming(loosely translated) and a private site for stuff not necessarily public.

I’m also working on a 52 week photo blog. Once a week on Monday I’ll pick photo by random generated mood, concept or idea. This should keep it interesting to see what I get.  As a tinkering geek I redid my “What?” program for use to pick the type of photo.  I’m hoping to get a few other photographers to participate.

MasterCard® Priceless

2 sore teeth
1 trip to the dentist for a lot of x-rays
1 repaired temporary fix
1 more trip with temporary fix with a root canal
1 final trip to finish root canal, fill with cotton… still temporary
1 trip to an oral surgeon
1 more trip to an oral surgeon for a magic trick, like a rabbit out of a hat, gauze from a mouth.

For $5000+ my two teeth still hurt. and this is what I get.

South Carolina 3

Day 2-3, Looking around Fort Jackson.

– Barracks for 2-60th 1st plt. C Company “Punishers”

– A photo Jacob helped paint of one of the Sergeants. It is much larger than it looks, check it out.

– Mom and Jacob, Last day before we go home.

– Jacob, seconds before he was called to line up. He is now training for his speciality.

For more South Carolina photos go here.

South Carolina 2 – Family Day.

Some photos from the Fort Jackson, SC family day. It was a long wait, raining off and on which just made it hot and sticky out. They had a small demonstration where a red truck drove onto the field pointing guns and a bazooka around and then smoke booms went off and in rushed some US soldiers, who were loudly applauded.

  – Waiting in the Woods to pop out.

  – Keeping the crowd screaming.

  – Running to their Parents.

  – Mom and Son find each other a very emotional reunion.

  – Grandson and Grandma.

  – All the kids, Matt, Jacob, Steph and Jenn.

For more South Carolina photos go here.

Madrid Labor Day 2009

Here are a few photos from the Madrid Labor day, all in all an OK, It gives the kids some time to run around and work off energy.

– Big thing these cars, it draws most the crowd looking at old cars.

To see more photos from Madrid Labor Day go here.

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