South Carolina 3

Day 2-3, Looking around Fort Jackson.

– Barracks for 2-60th 1st plt. C Company “Punishers”

– A photo Jacob helped paint of one of the Sergeants. It is much larger than it looks, check it out.

– Mom and Jacob, Last day before we go home.

– Jacob, seconds before he was called to line up. He is now training for his speciality.

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One thought on “South Carolina 3”

  1. INTERESTING…. It’s funny how one day your making funny gurgling sounds and giving yourself the worlds biggest headache to cross your eyes just so you can hear that goofy laugh once more. Then one day you noticed how much that laugh changed and you realize how much time has passed. And then if that’s not enough you wake up some morning and that small being with the goofy laugh is an entire person… grown, no longer needing you to tie a shoe or fix a toy. Man-O-Man! If you look REALLY hard with your eyes shut you can still see a screamin’ kid getting ready to pass out in those eyes. Loved the pics… even though they made me cry.

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