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Almost Didn’t

110600_1627[01]My weekend started out good with the football game being won 58-32 putting us in the semi finals. 😀 yeah!!! It then went down hill and ended a bit rough. On Friday night my small illness I was fighting turned into a bad IMG_7780CSinfection that required some heavy antibiotics. Look left, yes one has to swallow them. All Saturday and Sunday I mostly just stayed in bed. On Sunday afternoon I was surprised with an over powering gas odor (although I couldn’t smell it I was told it was bad) and a fancy red fire truck blocking my drive with other trucks blocking the center of town.

The fire truck was there to warn us of a major gas leak caused by a worker who hit a two-inch gas line. He dug through it. We evacuated the house. The kids complained of being light headed and nauseous but everybody including animals are ok. Gas is back online. Monday as I type this blog I am still recovering from illness but feeling good enough to type from a laptop.

Website Problems

It seems my quick jump into to the newest coolest cutting edge blew up my website. After a long bit of fiddling everything but my calendar seems to be up and running. Lesson: Never jump into something without checking what you are jumping into.

Interesting Experience

I had an interesting experience at a local “Wally World”. I took the digital versions of my daughters senior photos, which I took, to be done in 1 hour because she has to turn them in on Tuesday. When I went to pick them up I wasn’t allowed to because I didn’t have a singed notice from the copyright owner.  When I explained that I had taken the photographs, I was informed the photos were taken in a professional studio and again informed that those photos where the property of that studio and unless I had a release form from the studio, they couldn’t give me the photos.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>After a 20 minute argument I had to fill out a form saying I was a photographer and the copyright owner of the photos. “In the future”, I’m supposed to inform them that I’m the copyright owner and I have a copyright form on file.  Being the owner of my studio and the fact I am the one who took the photos. I guess I’ll apply my right and post them here tomorrow.

Blogging this year

This year I have decided that I’m going to make an effort to blog something at least once a week or more if I can find enough to make a blog. This will include more on my twitter.

Time for an update to the site while I’m at it. soon I’ll be adding videos and my programming(loosely translated) and a private site for stuff not necessarily public.

I’m also working on a 52 week photo blog. Once a week on Monday I’ll pick photo by random generated mood, concept or idea. This should keep it interesting to see what I get.  As a tinkering geek I redid my “What?” program for use to pick the type of photo.  I’m hoping to get a few other photographers to participate.

MasterCard® Priceless

2 sore teeth
1 trip to the dentist for a lot of x-rays
1 repaired temporary fix
1 more trip with temporary fix with a root canal
1 final trip to finish root canal, fill with cotton… still temporary
1 trip to an oral surgeon
1 more trip to an oral surgeon for a magic trick, like a rabbit out of a hat, gauze from a mouth.

For $5000+ my two teeth still hurt. and this is what I get.