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Couple days of weather

I was stuck at home today. The last couple days have been slick with freezing fog and now rain with ice. I tried to get the car out three times and all three ended in failure. There was just too much Ice. As I blog it continues to sleet out. it should make an interesting Moring. Below is a couple photos from the last two days. Check out this gallery to see more.

Interesting Experience

I had an interesting experience at a local “Wally World”. I took the digital versions of my daughters senior photos, which I took, to be done in 1 hour because she has to turn them in on Tuesday. When I went to pick them up I wasn’t allowed to because I didn’t have a singed notice from the copyright owner.  When I explained that I had taken the photographs, I was informed the photos were taken in a professional studio and again informed that those photos where the property of that studio and unless I had a release form from the studio, they couldn’t give me the photos.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>After a 20 minute argument I had to fill out a form saying I was a photographer and the copyright owner of the photos. “In the future”, I’m supposed to inform them that I’m the copyright owner and I have a copyright form on file.  Being the owner of my studio and the fact I am the one who took the photos. I guess I’ll apply my right and post them here tomorrow.

Blogging this year

This year I have decided that I’m going to make an effort to blog something at least once a week or more if I can find enough to make a blog. This will include more on my twitter.

Time for an update to the site while I’m at it. soon I’ll be adding videos and my programming(loosely translated) and a private site for stuff not necessarily public.

I’m also working on a 52 week photo blog. Once a week on Monday I’ll pick photo by random generated mood, concept or idea. This should keep it interesting to see what I get.  As a tinkering geek I redid my “What?” program for use to pick the type of photo.  I’m hoping to get a few other photographers to participate.

Madrid Labor Day 2009

Here are a few photos from the Madrid Labor day, all in all an OK, It gives the kids some time to run around and work off energy.

– Big thing these cars, it draws most the crowd looking at old cars.

To see more photos from Madrid Labor Day go here.