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Week 5 of 52 Photo Blog.

Another exciting week! First month is over go check out the additions so far GALLERY . With a very anxious Chris as a witness I click the button and this week is:


Think photographing a subject through a window of some type.

Now go out and Photograph, photograph and photograph!!!; cell phones, old 110 cameras, digital keychain cameras, box disposables…

Week 4 photo “Plants”

Another fine week. This last week was plants. I decided that taking a picture of a green plant while it was a frozen tundra outside seemed wrong. So instead I took the following.

“Data Tree Park”

Double the art here. I made the data trees and scene then took the photo.


“Manmade and Trees”

This is an interesting photo taken on a Sunday drive.  Purposely taken blurry with a quick shake of the camera. A photo of manmade and trees.

Week 4 of 52 week photo blog.

Another week in the photo taking adventure. I had 3 photographers for “PEOPLE” last week. Not to bad at all. Today at noon I let the generator pick and I almost did a redo. I asked Chris to verify before I posted it to make sure I shouldn’t redo it.  He replied “I say go with it.  What is the point of being random if you second guess it?” He does have have a very valid point. The idea is total random and done in a week. So be it, like it or not, this week is:


It will be interesting to see how one photographs plants when they are all covered in snow.

Week 3 photo “People”

3 photographers this week. It is growing 😀 !!! this week was all about “PEOPLE” I actually found my flash drive, the dog didn’t eat it. Here are the photos:

 Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website for many other good photos.  Now this is a photo of PEOPLE.

 Photo By: Jesse Howard. Go check out his website Mayor Goldie. Nothing like some Axe Droppin. 10x caffeine and 100x rock!

Photo By Me: 😉 Fun photo. Picture of people talking to people who are probably talking to more people. Who knows how many people are actually involved in this photo?

Week 3 of the Photo Blog.

Another week and I already had a bump in the road. I couldn’t seem to find my flash drive and so my Image for last week is delayed. But another week and another photo to pick.. With Chris as a witness I ran the generator and this week it is :


This could be easy or hard… as a side note Chris thinks the generator needs some music… I agree some nice jeopardy type music would add to it.

I hope to get some other photographers joining in.

Every Monday at noon I pick a new photo at random to take. This photo must be photographed that week. You have until the following Monday(give or take a lot) to get that photo turned in. Whatever the magic generator tells us to photograph is left up to your interpretation. You do not have to have an expensive camera to take these photos. Just get out there and take them.

Week 2 of 52 photos.

I have my photo for last weeks “Soothing”, but, I left my flash drive with the photo at home. 🙁 so later tonight the photo will show up…

Christopher D. Bennett, has turned in his photo.  Go check out his website for many other good photos. It is similar to an idea that I wanted to do for mine but never had the time. Enjoy.

Jesse should be joining us soon with his photos. Can’t wait to see them.

Week 1 of 52.

This is my first photo of the 52 week photo blog. “Use of Space” was harder than expected to come up with a photo for.  Just my photo this week. The other photographers didn’t get their photos done.  This is a photo of Matt peeking through some blinds with a red filter. It has a bit of a peeping tom meets red-light district. I’ll leave it up to you.

Week 1 of the 52 Week Photo Blog.

1st week and I’m already running behind. The program is done and 1st week photo to shoot is picked. it is:

“Use of Space”

I have no clue what to photograph.  Spacing, white space, negative space or just space. It was hard to come up with 52 things that anybody with a camera should be able to photograph and that could be interpreted many different ways. I did get other photographers to join in so with permission I’ll post their pictures.