Time for an Update

This site has become stagnate. I haven’t updated it in so long that I’ve gone gray. Originally I felt some housekeeping was all that was needed. I wrote the theme for this site a long time ago and it was designed around a 1024 width screen with NextGen gallery as my back end gallery. Simple housekeeping is going to do it anymore. My plan is to write a new cleaner theme with no header picture that will work on all browser sizes. Include a mobile specific version of the site. Drop the NextGen gallery. Give it a big KISS to keep it simple and stupid. Dump the current content and add back in some of original content and my better photos, which were never posted online. Add all the social site integration. This move will most likely include a hosting change.


Since I’ve pretty much lost all the people who actually followed the site I’m sure nobody will notice immediately, hopefully one day if i build it they will come.. yes its a corny reference.