Oscar Update

With Oscar weekend behind us we now know what movies we should have watched? I have not seen all the movies but I can give an opinion on what I think of the ones I saw.

“The Hurt Locker” was ok, but best picture ok? It seems if it has something to do with war we love it. Good movie, Best Picture I’ll leave that to the experts.

“Inglourious Bastards” is one of those, again, war movies you either love or hate.  It is a hard movie to follow and full of over the top events that adrenalin filled action junkies will love. Only Quentin Tarantino can bring us this movie.

“Up” I like this movie. I think there are some underlying things that bother me that people miss out on. Charles Munts was ridiculed that what he believed in didn’t exist which drove him to spend his life trying to prove he was right. We should feel some compassion for him but the the movie makes him into a complete bad person when it could have ended in compassion. Russell is a tag along, 8 year old, that you can’t help but like. He is persistent. What I dislike is they never elaborate on the sad fact that his dad, who was such a part of his life and is gone, but suddenly seems to want nothing to do with him. This leads to an ending where Carl Fredrickson finds a place as a surrogate dad filling in to stand next to Russell. This can leave the impression that all dads want nothing to do with their kids? We do feel the pain when Carl Fredrickson loses Ellie and later discovers her photos of their life which was her great adventure.

“Avatar” This wasn’t a bad movie. It suffers from special effects overload. If you love special effects and science fiction, this is the movie for you. The effects are great. It is the movie to see in 3D. Plot kind of falls short. This movie is watchable in 2D unlike the last 3D movie I saw which was the 2008 “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. That movie in 2D doesn’t work at all, because it is filled with effects that were designed specifically to highlight 3D.

“Star Trek” It’s an amped up combo of Old Star Trek and Star Wars effects with Fire Fly Sci-Fi mixed in. One of the better Star Trek movies, even if the altered the original story line. It’s a movie people don’t get bent out of shape.