Bad Dog, BAD DOG

WARNING the following contains geek and maybe difficult to understand without a manual. Why was my photo blog a day late? it was the dog. My frankensteined server named BadDog, renamed BadDog$4!7.  It is part of my website and has been pieced together from cast out retired equipment. To give you an Idea of age it is a SCSI RAID 1 consisting of two 37.8gb hard drives originally with two partitions of 9.9gb and 27.9gb.

I rescued a SATA RAID card with a pair of 260gb SATA drives and figured it was a good time to upgrade. I Installed the new RAID and moved the 27.9gb partition to the new RAID and expanded the 9.9gb to 37.8gb, BIG MISTAKE. I am still feeling the bite I received.  It turns out one of the 260gb hard drives was bad losing all my data. I managed to recover my data and the server is back online but without the protection of RAID. I’m going to go offer the dog a bone and see if it decides to like me.