Almost Didn’t

110600_1627[01]My weekend started out good with the football game being won 58-32 putting us in the semi finals. 😀 yeah!!! It then went down hill and ended a bit rough. On Friday night my small illness I was fighting turned into a bad IMG_7780CSinfection that required some heavy antibiotics. Look left, yes one has to swallow them. All Saturday and Sunday I mostly just stayed in bed. On Sunday afternoon I was surprised with an over powering gas odor (although I couldn’t smell it I was told it was bad) and a fancy red fire truck blocking my drive with other trucks blocking the center of town.

The fire truck was there to warn us of a major gas leak caused by a worker who hit a two-inch gas line. He dug through it. We evacuated the house. The kids complained of being light headed and nauseous but everybody including animals are ok. Gas is back online. Monday as I type this blog I am still recovering from illness but feeling good enough to type from a laptop.