The PB&J of Communication

Last weeks communication worked except for my website. It seems the communication I received saying “Thanks for your Payment!” was false. Now paid up, here are last weeks communication photos with a first time submitter, Cathie.

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website for many other photos.


Photo by: Cathie


"Multicategorical" Photo by: Lee


"Wired Community" Photo by: Me


Feeling a bit shaken and not focusing. I just couldn’t see straight. I called Chris over who was assisted in starting the random theme generator. FYI The theme machine received a software upgrade which now includes a larger display. Too many new features. While I was rambling about upgrades the machine came to a soft stop:




Unfocused is where you break the “Rules of Photography”. Rather than being in focus you “purposely” make the photos “out of focus”. This is often done to give a dreamy, mysterious or shadowy photo. Check out last year or an image search for ideas. This can be done with a box camera. Focus the camera off the subject at something that is much farther away. This is done by pressing the shutter release half way then turn the camera back to the subject and finish pressing the release.

As always it’s up to your interpretation, take and submit the photo in a week and If you submit it, I’ll post it. Submit at FAQS