The parched PB&J.

Last weeks odd camera angle left people feeling odd. I squeaked by just taking a quick odd shot. To end this odd trail here are last weeks odd camera angle submissions:

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website for many other photos.


"Classic Odd Coke" Photo By: Lee


"Odd isn’t it?" Photo By: Me


Chris stopped by to help fire up the theme machine to remove this odd photo feeling.  It is a very dry week with a dry machine. I oiled up the machine banged on some rust and pulled the cord. It did fire up and a warning light indicated it was still:


Yes next weeks theme is dry. My first thought for a photo to show this theme seems to be one repeated many times in this image search, dry mud. To my fans in Seattle, WA, sorry I know it will be difficult to find a dry spot to photograph ;-).  Dry could be like my humor?, opposite of dry, dry ice or part of a word like dry clean or dry dock. As always the theme is up to your interpretation. I look forward to some dry photos.