The depth of PB&J so deep I missed something.

Last weeks ‘depth of field’ didn’t seem to catch people’s creativity.  It must have been a bit too technical and not enough “something”.  With recent flooding I semi expected a picture of a field “THIS DEEP” in water.  Here are the submissions, which seems to be just me at the moment.

I created a simple grid of bolts to show the technical aspects of ‘depth of field’

“Depth of Field of Bolts” Photo By: Me

UPDATE: 7/27/2010. Chris submitted his photo.

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website for many other good photos.

I have known what this weeks theme was all weekend.  Chris is away from the computer mine so the “Theme Machine” was powered up last Friday.  I have to say I’m excited over this one.


It’s a photo with a reflection and the best way to describe it is with SEARCH & SEARCH2.  It’s that simple.  Most of the reflection photos in the search were of water, but not all of them. The creative doors are blown off the hinges for this one.  Look at the two searches and study the photos for ideas…  If you can’t figure out something then take a picture of yourself in a mirror :-P.