Straight to the PB&J

The lines are leading somewhere, mostly to last weeks leading lines photos:

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website for many other photos


"EVIL!, PURE EVIL!" Photo By: Lee


"Totem ‘Electric’ Pole" Photo By: Mike


As a side note the word Sauna comes from Finland and has been used for more than 2000 years.  I just don’t remember ordering one!?! It seems the answer to the age old question of what photo I should take has already been answered. HINT Ok that wasn’t much of a hint and might have even been distracting. The already answered theme for this weeks photo is:




Noise is new for this year and an odd theme. Noise in photos can be thought of in a many ways;  image noise often referred to as how grainy a photo is. Usually photographers will strive to remove as much image noise as possible. This is not always the case sometimes the noise is put back in on purpose to give a photo a gritty grainy feel., Physical noise expressed in a silent photo, such as somebody holding their ears. OR “A very noisy photo” lots of things happening in the photo. another one of those things that photographers will strive to remove, most of the time. Image Search.  If all else fails just take a high ISO(1600+) photo in low light and change it to B&W. You will get plenty of noise.

As always it’s up to your interpretation, take and submit the photo in a week and If you submit it, I’ll post it. Submit at 52week@waxenmedia.comFAQS