Still sitting PB&J.

Last week seemed still but it presented a still picture of things. Here are those still picture life things still yes.

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website for many other good photos.


The still life confessions of a shoe junkie.

"SHOE JUnKiE" Photo By: Lee


I do admit there is something missing from this plate… “FOOD”, but I have a reserve so I’ll be ok. If anybody is concerned I’ll take a sausage pizza.

"Bored Plate" Photo By: Me


Chris stopped by for this weeks photo to be. I poked the machine hard and it spun really fast. Speaking of food I got my wish… we will be going to the:


YES!!! this weeks photo to be is the market. A definition:

mar·ket (märkt)
1. A public gathering held for buying and selling merchandise.
2. A place where goods are offered for sale.
3. A store or shop that sells a particular type of merchandise: a vegetable market.

So, we are all clear on what one is? We can now go and snap a photo of one. Wait a minute a market?  OOO-Kay, good news, it is always up to your interpretation. Maybe it is just marked? GOOGLED