Photo Blog update

Another week and some “WET” photos later… Come on people wake up, this week was “WET” . All you had to do was look outside and take a photo. Ice, Mud and Water everywhere you look. Next week, more people submitting would be nice, or I’m putting people on the naughty list. Ok OK, I know I’m over acting but it was Oscar weekend. Say hello to my little friend, SNAP-SNAP-SNAP!!!

Here is this weeks photos for “WET”

Photo By: ME. My free Mason jar rollith over.


Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website for many other good photos.


Chris stopped by and we powered up the machine. With everything still wet from last weeks photos I used rubber gloves to push the button… Squeaky noise and a shinny red button I just had to press, which I did… and this week is:


Explore. Interesting as Chris put it. I might have to think some on this. It could be an easy photo if people want to submit some. Digging through my junk drawer is more of an adventure but could be considered “Explore”

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