PB&Jing on time again and with extras.

What a week of feet. Here a foot there a foot everywhere a feet. So the game was a foot. If only I could get a foot a head? So I’ll put my best foot forward and avoiding getting off on the wrong foot. I’ll foot the bill for travailing expenses and get one foot in the door while avoiding other things I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.  Last week was all about “FEET”. I did get some fotos, I mean photos of feet to show.


Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website www.photography139.com for many other good photos.


“Married for Life”

Photo By: Lee Vest



Photo By: Matt Vest (altered slightly)


“Morning Sun Bathing”

Photo By: Me


Chris back from vacation, earlier than he wanted, stopped by. Forgetting the music and kicking the broken tickertape hp the button was pressed…  The electricity is in the air and ideas are running:


Yep, wild is next weeks photo to take.  I’m wildly excited to see what wild photos people can wildly come up with. I Googled wild but all Google wants to show is wildlife. So all you wild photographers out there, get wildly taking the photos of “WILD”.