PB&J thing time.

Last week was full of stress, happiness, forgotten things and just plain worn out. I haven’t the strength to even blog. So after my cars brake decided to freeze up it was a perfect cherry on top of the stress. I did get my picture done for last weeks “Panning (&) Camera Blur” but it is sort of a cop-out. The camera was moving with the subject rather than the camera still and following the subject.

Here are the photos for last week.

Chris did an excellent job showing the technique.

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website www.photography139.com for many other good photos.


Photo By: Me. “reverse panning camera blur”


Once the brake was cooled and I made it to work, Chris was ready for this weeks subject to be. So without any delay the button was pressed and let the peace and


begin. Yep maybe this will help bring some harmony into our lives. Harmony in general is all the parts in a photo seem to go together, a consistency among elements. Since different people can see how things harmonize together differently this makes it a very subjective subject. It is a very feeling photo, it just looks right. I like to put harmony and peaceful together; like a duck on a pond in the sunset on a spring day or a field of grass and flowers blowing in the wind with an old country fence. GOOGLED I wouldn’t work too hard at it, many things harmonize. As always, especially for this one, it is left up to your interpretation. Maybe nothing harmonizes in the photo?