PB&J the lighted standard

Another fine week has gone by, “It’s PB&J time!”  Nothing like a fresh PB&J to start out the day. Yes it’s that time when I gather my emails to see what fine specimens I’ve been emailed. Last weeks photo was fun. “Painting with/in Light” seemed to really get people going. I had several people come to see what I was doing. 

After a quick latte to go with the PB&J here are last weeks photos:

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website www.photography139.com for many other good photos.


A subconsciously light painted portrait of me? Photo By: Lee


“Excited Light” Photo By: Me


“Casper the Photographer” Photo By:Me


Last week certainly had peoples imagination working overtime.  Chris had his photo in early and even reminded me I hadn’t sent mine yet. With Chris standing by for this weeks photo the generator was fired up. As the smoke started to rise from the newly unmasked monitor out popped “strength” This should read:


Interpreting this subject is just that… up to interpretation. I feel it’s best to think of this as a strong subject causing an emotional response. If you look at GOOGLE1 or GOOGLE2 you see lots of very emotional photos usually sad or heartfelt. This is however not the only emotion. A beautiful photo of a flower’s silhouette can entice strong emotion.  Study the above Google’s and take a photo that shows a strong subject that will entice some emotion. As always this is up to your interpretation. Maybe a photo of strong person lifting something?  I await the many responses.