pb&j that almost happened

pretend it is monday.

i’m typing everything lowercase in shame. last weeks photo to take was a simple photography rule, “rule of thirds.” this must have been too simple. i expected a few extra photos because i thought it was so simple.  here are the photos that were submitted in the order they were submitted:




your eyes are not deceived, nothing was submitted. not even i managed to take this simple photo. i am not sure what happened: the week went by, soon the weekend then it was monday, still nothing on monday evening and now it is tuesday and still nothing.

i stopped typing, shamefully shelved the slr and stepped out back and snapped a photo with a kodak box camera, for lasts weeks photo. The photo says it all.

photo by: me “it almost happened”


i went to press the button for next weeks and it had already been pressed. displayed was:


let us hope it is not as stinky as last weeks. this should be a simple photo, take a picture of feet: GOOGLED. or some form of the word feet.

UPDATE: 4/29/2010

Chris, who is out on vacation, emailed in his photo.

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website www.photography139.com for many other good photos.