PB&J s2e1

A new year and season 2 of the PB&J. As you know the new theme machine is still being wired up. So without delay I powered up the old machine, temporarily, to get a theme for this week. This weeks theme is all about


Doing a quick image search and you will find the answer to what a reflection(s) photo is. They are photos taken with a reflection.


What is the 52 week (P)hoto (B)log & (J)ournal?

It is an experiment to expand peoples thoughts and get them out and about to take photographs. Every Monday at noon a new theme is picked by the “Random Theme Generator”. This is generally overseen by more than one person because of security reasons. You then have that week, until next Monday at noon, to go out and take a NEW photo(s) that are based on your interpretation of that theme. So 1 week, your interpretation of the theme.

FAQS (I reserve the right to change them)

1. Do I give up my rights to the photos when I submit them? How long will you keep the photos up? Can I request them removed?

A1. You NEVER give up your rights. By submitting them you do give me the right to put them on my website because that is what you are submitting them for. I will not use them for anything else. As a note I usually put your name and website but not your email under your photo. If you do NOT want your name or website listed or you desire your email added you must specify on every submission what you want.

A2. Since I run the place they are up until I run out of space. I have no desire to achieve anything but never say never.

A3. See rule 1A1, you can request them removed.

2. Will you post all my submissions?

A. Yes and no. I’ll post anything you submit as long as it isn’t illegal or just way offensive, “I have the final say.” Nude is ok provided it is legal and you took the photo.

3. Do you comment on the submissions?

I do not generally comment on submissions. I do however reserve the ***right to comment. ***I have never left a negative comment. At the end of all posts you may leave your own comments just be respectful of others.

4. Can I just pick from my library of photos I have already taken? Do I have to submit a photo? 

A1. While you could pick from your library and I would post it. This isn’t in the spirit of the idea that you must take a NEW photo based on your interpretation of the theme. The idea is you take the photo that week getting you thinking and out rather than just thumb through old photos.

A2. The idea is to submit a photo based on your interpretation of that weeks theme. I am open to interpretation.

5. Do I have to submit the photo(s) by noon Monday? How do I submit? What size should the photos be?

A1. I would prefer you submitted by noon on Monday because I post last weeks photos and next weeks theme at the same time. You don’t’ have to wait until Monday to submit them. You may submit them anytime until Monday, preferably by noon. If you are a little late I’ll forgive you.

A2. You can email your submissions to me. Request the email address on the contact page and I’ll email back to confirm. This extra step is due to spam.

A3. I prefer the photos be under 200K and fit within the size of 1200×1200. However you my submit them at any size. I’ll reduce them to the above size and sometimes expand them.

6. How are the themes picked?

A. Everybody is allowed to submit a theme suggestion. Use the contact page if you have a theme idea. The themes are then looked over by a group of people the last month of the year. 

7. May I use the theme on my website and maybe with my own theme? What is the “Random Theme Generator” ?

A1. You may use it on your own website and even do your own theme. The software I use is available at no charge on this website.

A2. I’ll explain in detail the “Random Theme Generator” Below.

While I’m not allowed to discuss its exact hardware. It is a 16GB, 16CPU, 4TBHD beast of a machine. A (F)ully (R)andom (I)ndependent (G)enerator. The F.R.Id.Ge is fully stocked with extras. It has, at its disposal, an aging tickertape machine and an engraver. The controls were ordered from ACME and have two security keys and a shiny red button.