PB&J really close up.

Last weeks macro theme produced some close up photos:

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website www.photography139.com for many other photos.


"T.echnical P.aper" Photo By: Lee


"Stored Sun" Photo By: Me


The F.R.Id.Ge is running perfectly this week. Really going places. Chris stopped by with his security key to start the process. We engaged the security keys then aligned the cross hairs and pressed the red fire button.  The machine just keep going and going and going. When it stopped we both just starred at it. The theme it picked was:




Go? go Packers? go south? on the go? go forth and photograph? GoGo photos? GO… Yeah I’m at a loss… Even an image search has me starring blankly. This should be a wide open theme. “Go forth and prosper” in the GO photo GO photos or something. Go now and photo, something, to go with go. Really, go that’s all I have. If you submit it, I’ll post it.

PS. While doing an image search use GO not GOGO.