PB&J. Quiet Please

Last weeks silhouettes theme seems to have lost some people. Everybody who submitted a photo did submit a silhouette photo. It is all those I thought would submit but didn’t must have struggled a bit. Let us review; WIKIPEDIA and GOOGLE. ok review over. Now we can show the submitted: I don’t usually comment on peoples photos but this week maybe a slight comment.

Chris shows a classic and slightly creepy silhouette.

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website www.photography139.com for many other good photos.

Lee’s photo is an interesting almost reverse silhouette.  Done with a box camera it was hard to keep the flash from firing and take a photo in near dark.

“Golden Leafs” Photo By: Lee

Miki is stuck, inside behind a door today, making it hard to take a photo. This makes me think that her photo must be of her escape, so I named it that. 

“Miki’s Escape” Photo By: Miki

I’ve always thought silhouettes had a bit of a creepy feel to them so I went with that.
1 – 40 watt light bulb
2 – skulls
1 – silver chalice.
1 – incense cone
1 – fan
3 – black mats
1 – red filter
– and you get a photo.

“CREEPY” Photo By: Me

Chris stepped into the theme machine booth and I pressed the button. Everybody is familiar with the theme machine by now and was talking away. It must have had enough because with the authority of an upset librarian it yelled back:


“Be wery wery quiet I’m hunting wabbits” Good ole days flashback, Elmer Fudd. I had no clue he had middle name.

Silence in photography is interesting since photos actually make no noise. This is best thought of as displaying silence. Check out these image searches for ideas: GOOGLE and FOTOSEARCH. Remember you don’t have to think quiet thoughts to get silence.