PB&J Fast Face in review

Last week went by fast and before I knew it I had to face facts and take a face photo. Speeding it along here are last weeks face photos.

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website www.photography139.com for many other photos.


“Sleepy Spencer” Photo By: Lee


“Computer mine reserve” Photo By: Me


Next week will be a fast paced fast photo shot. The fast pace of the day brought Chris over early. I dusted off the theme machine powered it up then clamped it down to slow it down. The machine insisted it was still:


And is next weeks theme. If you do an image search you notice that most photos labeled fast are really speed photography or have something in them that goes fast. I consulted the photography scrolls and there seems to be nothing about the meaning of fast, as a theme, in photography. There was a small subscript about how it could be related to taking photos fast in a candid way. If that is the case then any sports or paparazzi type photographer is a “fast” photographer. Long live Ron Galella the pioneer of paparazzo? OK… I suggest “fast” as a theme be interpreted any way you want to. If you see fast in it then it is fast. Just take the photos fast because you only have a week.