PB&J Disaster

I guess I’ve worn out the PB&J. Photo Blog and Jabber, Just, Juicy bits or Jelly? OK words starting with J… The Saturday breakfast was a nonevent do to: no time, no gas in my grill, charcoal wouldn’t light, rush senior photos and my dog ate my homework. My photo for last weeks “Long Exposure”, I’ll admit, was a crap I need a photo moment. I was so busy and sick this weekend I just stopped and took a photo of something that was a play on the phrase "long exposure". Only thing I have done was bumped up the color a bit to almost hurting the eyes. This weeks photos:

Photo By: Me “Long Exposure to Children”


Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website www.photography139.com for many other good photos.


Next week I don’t know what to do to entice people. I made PB&J, I toasted it, I grilled it and I offered it with breakfast.  This weekends weather report mentions rain so no grilling the hash browns outside.  Some recap of what we have already done: Adventure, Explore, Motion, Soothing, Wet, Plants, Long Exposure, Symmetry and Patterns, Framing, Use of Space, Macro, Unfocused, Self Portrait, People and Signs. Ok I just pushed the button and out popped:

“Rule of Thirds”

As far as photography rules go, this is an easy one. The idea is that it makes for a more appealing photo. Think of a tick tack toe grid and align your subject on these grid lines. With little enticement needed I suspect many people can figure out this one and take many photos. Check out GOOGLED and WIKIPEDIA for lots of suggestions and help.

Some rules are meant to be broken and this is one of those rules.