Hungry PB&J

I really do want a PB&J. It has been too long… Here are last weeks silent photos:

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website for many other photos.



"Black Ops Zombie" Photo By: Lee



"Bunny NIGHTMARE!" Photo By: Me


Next week we EAT! Chris stopped by for the random weekly theme so I powered on the F.R.Id.Ge. It growled and complained it was a bit empty. It indicated we really needed to go to the




This weeks theme seems to be a trip to the market. Market is a repeat theme from last year.  Think public gathering to sell things. Go forth shoppers and take photos… Well, don’t take photos off the wall. Photograph your own photos not of other peoples photos or your own photos of photos. Remember buy merchandise, take photos. Here is an image search for ideas. Always your interpretation of the theme and if you submit it I’ll post it.