Hunger Filling PB&J

My recent trip to the market yielded a very nice PB&J… I took a photo of my pantry to show off the many Smuckers choices available for the PB&J. OK…, I didn’t really take a photo of my pantry, unless you believe I have prices listed on my shelves. I did however feel a bit odd taking the photo with my large SLR and decided to take the photo with my daughters box camera. I don’t know why I felt odd considering I carry my camera all over the place and take photos whenever and wherever. Somehow I felt security wouldn’t be watching me, as much, if I used the box camera.  After all, I didn’t want to get thrown out of my favorite jelly supply market. I did run into a problem. My daughter left on trip the next morning taking the camera with her. That delayed me in getting my photo and the blog up. No more jabbering on. Here are last weeks market photos.

Chris’s market container:

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website for many other good photos.


Lee’s Veggies:

"Mirrored Veggie" Photo By: Lee


My J supply for the PB&J:

"The Jelly" Photo By: Me


Since I was running late. I ignored everybody and kicked the machine. The machine quickly reminded my that it’s all about:


I’m not sure what the group was thinking when we communicated about the 52 week list and agreed communication was ok. After searching the web and consulting a few books. I came to the conclusion that I was thinking about it too much. From a simply family photo to an elaborate photo shoot, photography is all about communication.  If you do a GOOGLE search you will find a mix of either photos portraying literal communication or a communicating photo. This one is best left up to your interpretation. Communicate with a few friends for some communication ideas.