Communication delivery of PB&J

A slight miscommunication caused a delay in the PB&J delivery. I promise same day delivery not 30 minutes or less. Here are last weeks deliveries.

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website for many other good photos.


"Modern Communication" Photo By: Lee


"Retro Communication" Photo By: ME


I grabbed the theme machine’s dial and keep spinning it up and down. This aggressive spinning was do to last weeks extreme stress, stress and more stress. This was the flavor of the week at the computer mine. As Chris waited for the theme to pop up I just keep spinning it until suddenly the machine yelled back,


yourself man, calm! I’m glad this weeks theme is calm because I could use some. A calm photo follows another theme we had which was soothing. Calm can be soothing just like soothing can be calm but neither has to be. Think calm thoughts when you take this photo. This is another one best left up to your interpretation with some ideas from a Google search.