A Still PB&J

It seems people really got into the spirit of “still life”. Unfortunately I think it translated incorrectly into “Sit still, life” and everybody sat still for the week.. whew a long week. Here are those of us that choose to take a “still life” photo rather than “sit still”.

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website www.photography139.com for many other photos.


"Midnight Masquerade Rendezvous" Photo by: Lee


This was created before people knew what TV was.

"Original Red Box" Photo by: Me


Chris and I went down to see the godfather of random themes and was granted audience. I bowed and explained that we needed a theme that would get people talking. This theme needed to bring people together in a common cause. A cause of photography and give them something to talk about. Photo submissions were needed. Quietly it thought and spoke:




Communication… and we were ushered out. I’m not exactly sure where the godfather was going with this but lets communicate.  Last years communication leaves me just as blank. Only difference this year is, I don’t have a home phone to photograph. I shall not doubt the wisdom of the godfather and hope all the photographers communicate in some communication photos.

It’s up to your interpretation, take and submit the photo in a week. If you submit it, I’ll post it. Submit at 52week@waxenmedia.com. FAQS