A PB&J presentation.

Last week was a scorcher out. The heat had effects on outings, lenses and the photos. Here are last weeks photos.

Chris’s photo: So hot out one just gets into the water.

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website www.photography139.com for many other good photos.

Lee and her human path.

“Human Path” Photo By: Lee

Me and my doggie path. The humidity was very high and the lens fogged over. Sometimes the best accidents make some of the most interesting art.

“Doggie Path” Photo By: Me

Chris stopped by early bouncing a rubber covered steel ball used in the computer mine industry. It was removed from its rubber coating and tossed at the theme machine jamming the gears. As the machine spun to a halt all we could see was:


This theme has a lot of artistic potential with bit of mystery. Silhouette is derived from the name of Etienne De Silhouette who enjoyed making paper cutout portraits. His name became eponymous with these portraits. See Wikipedia for more. In photography the silhouette is a representation of the early paper portraits often using the technique of photographing elements against light to achieve an image in silhouette. A Google search shows the many possibilities and mysteries that can be photographed. Get out there and start taking pictures. As always, it’s up to your interpretation and if you submit it I’ll post it.