A PB&J in doubt full of shadows.

I waited until midnight to post the blog hoping for a few extra entries. As a fellow blogger said. The 52 week experiment might have run its course. The submissions have died off as have the page visits. It might be time to consider alternatives. Either running to the end of the year or ending it in July. I’ll pull in the round table at lunch and discuss its future. For now here is last weeks shadow photos.

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website www.photography139.com for many other photos.


"Bunny Club" Photo By: Lee


"Bunny Nightmare" Photo By: Me


I remotely turned on the random generator and asked for a theme to revive the experiment. The machine didn’t’ run long:


“Depth of Field”


That theme was a low point of last year we shall see how it preforms this year.

In optics, particularly as it relates to film and photography, depth of field (DOF) is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp in an image. DOF – 2010, Image search.

As always it’s up to your interpretation, take and submit the photo in a week and If you submit it, I’ll post it. Submit at 52week@waxenmedia.comFAQS