52 Week PB&J toasted with perfect grid marks.

I toasted the bread to perfection, on a grill, leaving perfect grid marks for last weeks “Symmetry and Patterns” and garnered 1 extra entry :-).  Love for the cooking process is what it is all about.. or photography I mean. I dragged my feet for awhile finding what I wanted to photograph but in the end I like it. Here are last weeks entries:

It’s hard to miss all the symmetry and patterns here.

Photo By: ME “Symmetry and Patterns Abound”


An interesting unknown pattern 😉 It has been mentioned it looks like snow.

Photo By: Lee Vest.


A perfect example of a perfection with complete symmetry.

Photo By: Christopher D. Bennett. Go check out his website www.photography139.com for many other good photos.


Week 15, it is hard to believe. Half awake again but conscious enough to find the button. Chris stopped by to start the process. The tickertape HP printer is still broken and hasn’t been replaced. Actually I threw it away but the cleaning crew nicely took it out of the trash for me and put it on the floor next to my desk. We opted to use pencil again. Button was pressed and music working again up popped:

“Long Exposure”

I think this one surprised both Chris and I a bit. A group of us had gone over the list trying to maintain things that anybody with a box camera could do. This one leans on the expensive camera side.  The photo technique involves, often, a small aperture and leaving the shutter open for a long exposure. This results in stars moving or streams of water looking like smoke. Examples GOOGLED. While some box cameras can do this there is one thing people forget… The only rule is the photo be taken that week. What’s in the photo is open to your interpretation of “Long Exposure.” That could mean something worn away after long exposure to mother nature.  I think this can be done with any camera so it remains.

Next week I’m considering actually making breakfast, on the grill, to entice people over Saturday morning for a photographic outing :-D.

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