Welcome to Waxen Media,

A place where I put my media, “Easily Molded Into Anything. ” Where people could look in and see the creative things I enjoy doing, and maybe learn a thing or two; photography, graphic arts, cinematography, sculpture, drawing, carpentry, cooking, *programign, electronics, firearms, cowboy action shooting, outdoor life, hunting and fishing or just about anything that will hold my interest. Those that know me will say, “He is always taking things apart to see how they work”. Ask my mother, a new toy never stayed that way long. I have to know how it works. Everything you will find here comes from years of experience and near insanity of hours of tinkering.

P.S. I am not even close to perfect. I make mistakes and was probably misinformed. As a warning, spelling and English didn’t seem to hold my interest like art, math and science. As a result don’t get too bent out of shape if my grammar or *spelling is a bit off.

Easily Molded Into Anything